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Pacific Heights Orewa

Pacific Heights Orewa

The Kiwi Dream has become harder to find – so we decided to develop it ourselves.


Nestled in the rolling hills above Orewa, Pacific Heights offers a contemporary design-led environment with all the benefits of an established community and New Zealand’s stunning native environment at its heart. The area’s topography provides wide outlooks throughout the site, with many properties expected to have sea views.


You’ll find the Pacific Heights development site 2.5km northwest of the Orewa urban area, at the intersection of Sunnyheights Road and West Hoe Heights. Located within a system of gullies and streams south of the Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve, the area retains a rural character – with extensive work underway to enhance the natural features.


It’s the best of the Kiwi dream, made possible through smart, stylish master planning.


About the development

About the development

  • The area centres around 8.5 hectares of trees and shrubs, classified as a Ecological Reserve. Plans have been made to preserve the protected bushland within the site and open it up for public use.
  • The nearby Nukumea Stream flows through the area, making it an attractive natural environment for passive recreation and other leisure pursuits.
  • A pedestrian bridge crossing Nukumea Stream has been designed in consultation with local iwi, and will reference the kokopu (the native fish present in the water).
  • Large tracts of new native trees and shrubs have been planted along the stream banks, with species that provide food for native birds prioritised.
  • DOC-style tracks will be installed, providing access to two carefully upgraded water courses (each over 180m in length)
  • An internal pedestrian network loop throughout the Pacific Heights site, providing access between the various green spaces
  • Orewa Beach is approximately 20 minutes’ walk away via Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve, or a five minute drive via West Hoe Heights.
About the precinct

About the precinct

  • Pacific Heights contains five distinct neighbourhoods, defined by their location within the site and the site’s landform (such as ridges, gullies, slope, orientation and aspect). All have been designed with a distinctive palette of native and exotic street trees, grasses and shrubs.
  • Plant species favoured include cabbage tree, pigeonwood, lacebark, kanuka, kowhai, nikau, mapou, miniature toitoi, hebe, manuka, NZ iris, flax and flowering cherry. The aim is to create wildlife corridors through the community for native birds and lizards, with plenty of food species, flowers, berries and roost sites.
  • The subdivision layout provides a mix of topologies to ensure a diverse social/age mix, and offer opportunities for residents to move within the development (e.g. downsizing from a family home to a terrace or apartment). This can contribute to the creation of an enduring community rather than the typical suburban “one-generation” model of 3-4 bedroom family homes.
  • Each neighbourhood has easy access to one of the three open spaces defined to provide amenity to the development. They’re also linked together by walking tracks – creating a connected, safe community that harks back to a different time.
About the site amenities

About the site amenities

  • From West to East two activity nodes are located close to the main entrances to the subdivision: local corner shops near the Sunnyheights Road entrance to the west, and a childcare facility near the West Hoe Heights Road entrance to the east.
  • The centrally located open space is aligned with these activity nodes and is connected to them via an east-west pedestrian/cycling path at the core of the development.
  • The purpose of this connection is to encourage active transport (walking and cycling) and provide opportunities for community engagement and to foster a sense of community and identity.
  • The topography of public open spaces ensures flat areas for active recreation have reasonable levels of passive surveillance from adjacent roads and private properties.
About the lots

About the lots

  • The slopes within Pacific Heights mostly face north, allowing for maximum overall sunlight exposure.
  • Coastal views from the highest points of the site contribute to visual amenity and value. This is also true of lots facing north towards the scenic reserve, and west towards the afternoon sun.
  • Lots are defined to have only one public face to ensure privacy and quality outlook.
  • Larger lots (400m2 and above) are located at the site’s boundaries, to create a better interface between neighbouring properties of more conventional suburban lots (around 600m2) and the proposed smaller lots at the centre of the site.
  • To encourage walking, cycling and social interaction, the number of rear lots are kept to a minimum.
  • Apartments and terraces are located in the lower land at the centre of the site, next to the central open space to compensate for their lack of private outdoor living areas.
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