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It’s all part of the lifestyle, she says. A perfect way of life for an active, busy working Mum.

Posted by 21 February 2018

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Carol Bates has just returned from a surf day at Orewa Beach – where, she claims, the sun remains bright in spite of the rain currently soaking central Auckland.

It’s all part of the lifestyle, she says. A perfect way of life for an active, busy working Mum.

Carol and partner Marcus made the move north a number of years ago, just before having daughter Ava (now 5). Along with their older boy Cody (10), the family all enjoy varied aspects of the neighbourhood. An avid runner, Carol loves her long, scenic jaunts along the beautifully flat streets. There’s lots to look at while you’re working up a sweat – and plenty of walking tracks waiting to be discovered. Marcus and the kids are more partial to taking their bikes for a spin, and Carol reckons there’s nowhere better.

“Where else in Auckland can you send your kids out for a 7k bike ride and feel safe?” The same goes for the local soccer and hockey fields, where the family feel right at home with a like-minded community around them.

There’s no regrets – while Marcus may grumble about the morning traffic, it’s the reality of living anywhere in Auckland, and a small price to pay for living five minutes from Orewa beach. Sweeping sands, stunning views, a surf bar, and lovely clean water (even when it rains!). The kids love their schools, and the couple hear nothing but good things about the colleges in the area as they look forward to the future.

Speaking of the years ahead, Carol reckons Orewa only gets better as time goes on. She positively beams talking about some of the fabulous cafés popping up, and there’s more great shopping on the way with a mall planned for Silverdale.

In other words, all the best bits of life in Auckland – plus a relaxed, chilled coastal vibe that most suburbs haven’t seen for a generation.

Carol’s only complaint for the day? The risk of getting too much sun in the beaming afternoon rays. Now there’s a good problem to have.